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Harvest and Crush

Saturday August 1st will be the beginning of our year long awaited Harvest and Crush. We will be starting with our own Estate Zinfandel and Syrah. We are excited to be able to share this special day with many of our Wine Club Members and Winery friends. Alot of work goes into getting our little buddies up to the standards we have come to be known for in our Hand Crafted Wines. Those of you that will be visiting the tasting room over the next month or two might just catch a glimpse of the great aroma of grapes fermenting or juice being pressed off the skins or even a few more vintages being bottled. This weekend marks the kickoff of the "inner workings" at full force..We are very excited about this years bounty and the yummy goodness that awaits in each batch of juice. This is our labor of love that we feel contributes to each bottle tasting as good as you have come to expect it to be..Cheers

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